Updated June 9, 2022

Open Access Lab

Please contact Sunia about training and rates.

Staff-Run Services (all rates are per-Individual analysis)

Note: If  you are requesting that we run both positive and negative ion mode, this counts as two individual runs/analyses because it typically requires twice the time. In some cases we may employ polarity switching. However, this is not always recommended due to specific instrument limitations or compromise of sensitivity.

Rates Effective July 1, 2022


Service Harvard Internal Harvard-Affiliate Non-Profit Corporate
ESI-MS-HiRes $29.20 $49.93 $55.48 $73.00
LC-MS or LC-MS/MS $70.08 $119.84 $133.15 $175.20
MALDI-TOF $70.08 $119.84 $133.15 $175.20
GC-MS $70.08 $119.84 $133.15 $175.20
Untargeted Lipidomics/Lipidsearch $210.24 $359.52 $399.46 $525.61
Standard curve-quantitation $420.49 $719.03 $798.93 $1051.22
Sample preparation for 10 samples* $140.16 $239.68 $266.30 $350.40
Metabolomics Data Analysis $210.24 $359.52 $399.46 $525.61

Hourly rate for custom work is $70.08 per hour for Harvard, $119.84 per hour for Harvard-Affiliates, $133.15 per hour for non-Harvard academic or non-profit organizations and $175.20 for Corporate researchers. * Sample Preparation Charges 

Bulk Rate for Researchers from Harvard University and Non-Profit Organizations

Please note that a high volume/bulk rate is now available for researchers from Harvard University and Non-Profit organizations to facilitate experiments that require the analysis of a large number of LC-MS samples.  Please check our policy and high volume rates.

Methods Development Charges

*Please note that certain custom analyses such as quantitation of small molecules require methods development.  The HPLC or GC methods development charges are $70.08 per hour for Harvard, $119.84 per hour for Harvard-Affiliates, $133.15 per hour for non-Harvard academic or non-profit organizations and $175.20 for Corporate researchers.  Please check out our guidelines for calculating an estimate of what the methods development charge would be depending on the individual compound, and inherent difficulty in the methods development process.

Harvard and Non-Harvard Status

Your Harvard/non-Harvard affiliation status is determined solely by whether you have a 33-digit internal billing code.  If this code is not available, you will be charged the non-Harvard rate based on the university overhead rate and ease of billing considerations. A list of Harvard affiliated institutions can be found here. In the absence of an internal billing code, you will be considered an outside user since this indicates that an overhead has not been paid to Harvard FAS which subsidizes our internal costs. 

Preparing a Purchase Order for Outside Samples

All outside users must submit purchase orders (PO) addressed to Harvard University.  Here is our W-9 tax document to set us up as a vendor at your organization. We need the actual PO as a hardcopy, not just a number(.pdf preferable). POs with the incorrect address will not be accepted! Please note that a PO is a legal document which must have the correct address/be on the letterhead of the organization! We have recently migrated to the university's central Accounts Receivable. The new address to put on the purchase order is the following. Now the check is mailed to an address at the bank: P.O.Box 4999, Boston, MA and these instructions will be provided to you on the invoice you receive. However, strictly legally speaking, the Purchase Order needs to be made out to the address on the W9 of Harvard, which is:

Harvard University
1033 Massachusetts Ave
2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
The .pdf file of the purchase order must be up-loaded into our sample submission and tracking system (MiniLIMS) at the time of sample submission. Do not  directly email the purchase order file to individuals. You must login and upload it directly into your MiniLIMS submission for our automated billing system to generate invoices. Please call us at (617) 384-9585 if you have any questions about pricing.
DO NOT SHIP samples to the above address!  Ship your samples on dry ice if appropriate to the following address:
Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry
Northwest Laboratories, B243.10
52 Oxford St. 

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 384-9585

Credit Card Payments (NEW)
We can now accept credit card payments. Please download the form here, fill it out, save it and upload into our LIMS system or email it to us. To use a credit card payment, you should select "Purchase Order" as Charge_Type, and upload this form where it says "Purchase order file".
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