Volume Discount for Harvard and Non-Profit Organizations

For straight forward GC-MS, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS analysis, a high volume discount is available to researchers with 33 digit codes and to non-profit and Harvard affiliated organizations.  Please note that you MUST SELECT LC-MS or GC-MS as the analysis type during submission on our LIMS systems for these rates to take effect. Do not select ESI-MS/MS, as this type of anaysis does not involve chromatography and does not involve high volume discounts. Analyzing a large number of samples together is more analytically challenging.  This is because there can be column degradation and instrument sensitivity loss as concentrated samples are analyzed and the instrument gets "dirtier".  Some sample cleanup is highly recommended for bulk analysis for greater reproducibility across samples.

The following high volume rates are offered to researchers from Harvard University (must have 33 digit code), Harvard-affiliated (PO) and Non-profit (PO) institutions .  Effective July 1, 2020  the following high volume rates for multiple samples submitted at the same time will be offered. Please check out the list of  Harvard affiliated organizations.

LC-MS and GC-MS High Volume Rates

LCMS/GCMS per run Harvard Internal  Harvard Affiliate  Non-Profit
1-10 samples $64.89 $110.96 $123.29
11-20 samples 15%  $55.16  $94.32  $104.80
21-30 samples 25%  $48.67  $83.22  $92.47
over 30 samples 35%  $42.18  $72.13  $80.14

ESI-High-Resolution MS High Volume Rates-New

ESI-High-Res Harvard Internal  Harvard Affiliate  Non-Profit
1-10 samples $27.04 $46.23 $51.37
11-20 samples $22.98 $39.30 $43.67
21-30 samples $20.28 $34.67 $38.53
over 30 samples $17.58 $30.05 $33.50