Sample Preparation Billing

Billing Policies for Sample Preparation Performed by Staff

The following procedures will be billed at the hourly rate ($70.08 per hour for Harvard, $119.84 per hour for Harvard-Affiliates, $133.15 per hour for non-Harvard Affiliated academic or non-profit and $175.20 for Corporate researchers)

1.  Bligh and Dyer type Biphasic Extraction-2 hours for every 10 samples

2.  Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)-2 hours for every 10 samples

3.  Derivatization of samples or other custom chemical processing- 2 hours for every 10 samples

4.  Protein precipitation, with our without drying and resuspension-2 hours for every 24 samples

Please note that we reserve the right to request that samples be prepared by researchers due to our workload and limited capacity. Sample preparation will be done by staff when specifically requested by researchers and billed according to the guidelines given above.