Instructions for User Registration

1.  To register for our on-line sample submission system, please go to following link and register as a new user by clicking on the red link under the input area for login and password, right under the Harvard University logo.


2.  The following screen will come up where you have to enter in your contact information for our records.  Please enter all the requested information and hit the red button "submit".

contact information

Note: Once your information has been reviewed by the administrator of the site, you will be entered in as a valid user.  This is typically very quick but may take up to 24 hours!  Once registered, you can simply login to the webpage for our sample tracking and login with your user information and password. When registering from Harvard or other academic institutions, please enter the first and last name of the Principal Investigator (PI) of the lab under "PI".For administrative and billing reasons, we cannot create an account for academic users unless there is a PI entered. 

Instructions for Electronic Sample Submission