Sample Submission with Social Distancing

Logon to MiniLIMS sample submission system and communicate with staff member handling your samples. Place samples (labeled with your name, PI's name, submission number from MINILIMS,  i.e. SUB0XXXX, and HCMS)  in either the freezer (left) or fridge (right), and email us that you have done this. You can email and optionally the staff member handling your sample analysis directly.

The sample submission fridge and freezer are placed outside the double doors as you exit the elevators on B2. Alternatively, you can FedEx your samples on dry ice or use Harvard's intercampus courier service through the Harvard University Mail Service (HUMS). 

YOU DO NOT NEED TO WRITE IN THE REGISTER OR PUT ADDITIONAL LABELS. Please note the additional on-site instructions for the Bauer Core (HCMS is not part of Bauer Core) do not apply for mass spectrometry samples. We do not want people handling pens and labels or writing in the paper register. To minimize unnecessary contact, you should use electronic means of communication such as emailing and writing things down in the comments section of your on-line sample submission form in MINILIMS. Please label your samples with the submission number and "HCMS", before coming over and we will have everything we need on-line. Then email us (hcms@fas.harvard.eduafter dropping samples off so we can retrieve them!

It is important to note that for in-person sample drop-off, the Northwest Labs (52 Oxford Street) is going to remain locked. In the past, it has been open during certain weekday hours. So, if you didn't have building access before, we need to get you HUID key-card access to the building. Please email requests for this to