Sunia A.Trauger, Ph.D.

Sunia A.Trauger, Ph.D.

Senior Director

Sunia has been at Harvard since 2011. Her goal is to work collaboratively with researchers to help them get the most out of their mass spectrometry data.

She completed her PhD at Purdue University with Professor Ben Freiser in 1994 where her research focused on the application of FT-ICR-MS towards the study of gas-phase ion chemistry.  After her graduate studies, she worked at Bruker Daltonics for 7 years as a Product Manager and Senior Applications Scientist in the ion trap and FTMS groups.  More recently, she was the Associate Director of the Scripps Center for Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA where she worked in the laboratory of Professor Gary Siuzdak.  She has been the Director of the Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Facility at Harvard University since April 2011, where her research interests include the application of high resolution mass spectrometry to metabolomics.  Her collaborative work in the field has resulted in over 30 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals in the area of mass spectrometry and metabolomics.  Sunia has also served on several NIH study sections on metabolomics and mass spectrometry instrumentation.  Sunia oversees the operation of the facility, consults on experimental design and collaborates on mass spectrometry based investigations with researchers in the community.  Her collaborative research at Harvard and the Scripps Research Institute have resulted in publications in peer reviewed journals. She can be reached directly reached by email or by phone at (617) 384-9585.  She is responsible for the contents of the website and its design. 

Contact Information

p: (617) 384-9585