NEW Open Access Hours 10-12pm for Quick Experiments

November 17, 2013

Due to heavy use of the Agilent ESI-TOF, some people were not able to run their quick direct injection experiments on certain days.  While many of you would probably like a dedicated "open access" instrument, this is not possible or an efficient use of the instrument, since on some days, no one runs their samples. Our alternate solution, I believe will assure a more efficient use of the instrument, while still allowing people to run their quick samples daily. The new hours are designed to provide a daily routine time when such experiments can be run and this time will not be blocked off. We hope that this will be helpful to open access users to run their simple formula confirmation experiments for purified compounds.  This time is for direct injection or flow injection analysis (FIA) experiments only since they are quick.

Please remember, you still have to make a slot based reservation for accurate billing on the same day.  You can make the slot based "reservation" for any time during the day since its primary purpose is to assure accurate billing, not actually schedule on the instrument. The EasyAccess software will process the samples in the order they were submitted as before, and determines dynamically the time your sample was run. In addition, please remember that we can run these quick experiments for you through sample submission for no extra charge. Please contact me, Sunia with any questions or concerns.