Training on Open Access Instruments

To schedule training on the open access mass spectrometers and HPLC, please contact Sunia Trauger.  Please contact us to schedule a mutually agreeable time for training.

Remember, you cannot use the open access instruments unless you do the following:

1. Get RC account setup

2. Inform Sunia, that you have an RC account and you want to be added to SPINAL

3. Login to SPINAL for the first time, send an email to your lab admin to approve the billing code and it is entered by the admin (who must also have a RC account).

4. For the MALDI-TOF, you must also purchase your own MALDI plate from Waters (part number M880675CD1-S).

Please note that the use of the open access instruments is restricted to "internal Harvard" users.  This internal Harvard status is determined soley on the basis of the availability of a 33 digit code that signifies payment of overhead on in coming grants which subsidize our facility.  If you do not have this code, you are not eligible to use the open access instruments and are considered an external user regardless of other Harvard affiliations.  However, we will be more than happy to run your samples for you with a rapid turn around time and high quality results, for a nominal fee.